CTS's unique and varied line of products are available for the individual customer.  
CTS also wholesales products to retailers, health practitioners, therapists, and bodyworkers.  
CTS Triple Active Max Pain Relief Liniment
Contains the 3 FDA-proven active ingredients of Menthol, Camphor, and Methyl
Salicylate.  These combine for a vigorous cooling/heating effect and provides long-lasting
pain relief for sore, tired, overworked muscles and painful joints. Massage therapists use
for specific injuries and/or chronic problems.  Other ingredients include Eucalyptus Oil,
Pine Oil, Peppermint Oil, and MSM (methyl-sufonyl-methane).  MSM is a special biological
sulfur.  Sulfur is one of the five basic elements of life and is found in every cell in the body.

3 oz Roll-On - Great for applications at home or on the go        $  9.90 ea
16 oz Bottle with pump - Great for professional use                  $ 29.90 ea
CTS Labs, Inc.                                                                Since 1918
CTS Cetyl Myristoleate CMO Topical Cream
Try this natural-based CMO cream on painful joints, areas of inflammation, for all kinds
of arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, etc.  This cream is a sensational topical product like nothing
you have tried before.

3.5 oz Jar                                                                                   $21.00 ea
CTS Cooling Pain Relief Gel
Use our Cooling Pain Relief Roll-On Gel for chronic pain and/or injuries.  The formula
contains Menthol and Eucalyptus Oil.  It has a diminishing scent and is non-greasy and
non-staining. It has no artificial colors and is also Paraben free.

3 oz Roll-On - Great for application at home or on the go          $7.40 ea
8 oz Bottle with dispenser cap                                                   $11.80 ea
16 oz Bottle with pump - Great for professional use                 $23.00 ea
CTS Mentholated Analgesic Ointment
Use for muscular soreness, chapped skin or lips, headaches, small cuts and bruises,
superficial burns, non-venomous insect stings and bites, simple head and chest colds,
poison ivy/oak/sumac, etc.  Ingredients include Menthol, Gum Camphor, Methyl
Salicylate, Eucalyptus Oil, Camphor Oil, and Oil of Pine in a base of white Petrolatum.

3.5 oz Jar                                                                                   $7.50 ea
Millerhaus' Famous Liniment
This is "the" old time liniment that started the original medicine company back in 1918.  
Long-standing customers still ensure it is included in their orders and declare they do not
know what they would do without it.  They swear by its therapeutic properties to reduce
and eliminate pain, especially arthritic joint pain.

4 oz Bottle                                                                                  $4.75 ea
To-Ne-Ka Dark Ointment
An old time dark salve for use on minor cuts and burns, splinter wounds, non-venomous
bites and stings, scrapes, and rashes.   It contains Methyl Salicylate, Oil of Pine Tar, and
Balsam Peru in a Petrolatum base.  One of our best-selling products for over 70 years.

3.5 oz Jar                                                                                  $6.50 ea
CTS Natural Heating Oil
Our unique Natural Heating Oil can be used alone or in combination with our lotions.    
It contains natural Menthol to ease away pain, and it penetrates deep to problem areas
with Castor Oil.  It is great for chronic issues, sports massage, and deeper relaxation
massage.  It has a pleasing fragrance of Lavender and Clove Oil.

4 oz Bottle with dispenser cap                                                 $ 7.90 ea
8 oz Bottle with dispenser cap                                                $14.00 ea
16 oz Bottle with dispenser cap                                              $26.00 ea
CTS Massage Lotion with Shea & Aloe Butter
Treat your skin or your client's skin to a soothing massage lotion with natural oils and
moisturizing emollients and humectants.  This lotion, with its Shea and Aloe Butter,
provides excellent glide properties for all types of massage modalities.  It is also
Paraben free.

16 oz Bottle                                                                             $ 5.90 ea
128 oz Bottle (One Gallon) - Great for professional use       $34.90 ea
CTS Massage Oil Blend with Castor Oil
Our blend of natural oils provides for a gentle, lasting glide. We have added Castor Oil
for its soothing and healing effects, and Lavender Oil for its calming and pleasing
effects.  Your clients will thoroughly enjoy this fine massage oil.

16 oz Bottle                                                                            $ 7.90 ea
128 oz Bottle (One Gallon) - Great for professional             $44.90 ea
CTS Pure Castor Oil
Pure grade natural emollient oil softens and nourishes all skin types.  Excellent for
massaging into joints and muscles.  Ideal for Castor Oil packs.

8 oz Bottle with dispenser cap                                                 $ 4.00 ea
16 oz Bottle with dispenser cap                                               $ 7.00 ea
128 oz Bottle (One Gallon) with plain cap                             $44.00 ea
CTS Scar Tissue Ointment
Rich in Vitamin E, Camphor, and Calendula. Apply to scars two to three times a day.

1 oz Jar                                                                                   $ 5.90 ea
CTS Omega-3 Pure Krill Oil  - 500 mg. Softgels
A very potent, high quality source of Omega-3 without the digestability issues of fish

30 count Bottle                                                                      $17.00 ea
60 count Bottle                                                                      $29.00 ea
To-Ne-Ka Premium Vanilla Food Flavoring
A very high quality, double strength flavor compound that offers the finest flavor

4 oz Bottle                                                                              $ 3.50 ea
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CTS #147 Industrial Hand Cleaner with Pumice
A very effective hand cleaner for all kinds of greasy, dirty hands. Great for mechanics,
maintenance department personnel, those who work with printers, etc.

1 gallon Bottle                                                                      $14.00 ea
4 gallon Bottles/Case                                                         $50.00 case
CTS Medicated Foot Balm Cream
Useful for relieving tired, burning, tender, aching and perspiring feet when due to
over-exertion, walking, or indulging in athletic exercise or improper foot gear.
Also relieves sunburn, heat rash, chapped hands, dishpan hands, minor skin rashes,
and the itching of athletes foot.  Some of the ingredients are: Menthol, Eucalyptus Oil,
Peppermint Oil, Thyme Oil, Gum Camphor, Salicylic Acid, Witch Hazel and Phenol

3.5 oz. Jar                                                                               $6.50 ea